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Pen Tubes with Multi-Color Tops or Patterns

Our multi-color patterns and foil are a great way to give your pens a little something extra! Multi-color tops are screen printed on just the top portion of the tube and available in colors shown below. Our holographic foils and pre-printed candy cane pattern are printed on the entire pen.  Pen tubes are available for purchase in groups of 100 tubes.

Multi-Color Top Pen Tubes:
Image Description Item# Price Cart
Bamboo (TPP-MC03) Bamboo TPP-MC03 $30.00 (per 100)
Camouflage (TPP-MC01) Camouflage TPP-MC01 $30.00 (per 100)
Candy Cane Pattern (TPP-MC26) Candy Cane Pattern TPP-MC26 $30.00 (per 100)
Checkered Flag (TPP-MC12) Checkered Flag TPP-MC12 $30.00 (per 100)
Cow Spots (TPP-MC09) Cow Spots TPP-MC09 $30.00 (per 100)
Dalmatian Spots (TPP-MC05) Dalmatian Spots TPP-MC05 $30.00 (per 100)
Dart Frog (TPP-MC15) Dart Frog TPP-MC15 $30.00 (per 100)
Easter Egg - White (TPP-MC06) Easter Egg - White TPP-MC06 $30.00 (per 100)
Easter Egg - Yellow (TPP-MC11) Easter Egg - Yellow TPP-MC11 $30.00 (per 100)
Fireworks (TPP-MC17) Fireworks TPP-MC17 $30.00 (per 100)
Giraffe Spots (TPP-MC13) Giraffe Spots TPP-MC13 $30.00 (per 100)
Halloween Pattern (TPP-MC25) Halloween Pattern TPP-MC25 $30.00 (per 100)
Hearts (TPP-MC02) Hearts TPP-MC02 $30.00 (per 100)
Holly & Stars - Red (TPP-MC21) Holly & Stars - Red TPP-MC21 $30.00 (per 100)
Holly & Stars - White (TPP-MC16) Holly & Stars - White TPP-MC16 $30.00 (per 100)
Leopard/Cheetah Spots (TPP-MC19) Leopard/Cheetah Spots TPP-MC19 $30.00 (per 100)
Mardi Gras Masks (TPP-MC24) Mardi Gras Masks TPP-MC24 $30.00 (per 100)
Music Symbols (TPP-MC10) Music Symbols TPP-MC10 $30.00 (per 100)
Paw Prints (TPP-MC14) Paw Prints TPP-MC14 $30.00 (per 100)
Polka Dots (TPP-MC23) Polka Dots TPP-MC23 $30.00 (per 100)
Shamrocks (TPP-MC04) Shamrocks TPP-MC04 $30.00 (per 100)
Snake Skin (TPP-MC22) Snake Skin TPP-MC22 $30.00 (per 100)
SOLD Signs (TPP-MC18) SOLD Signs TPP-MC18 $30.00 (per 100)
Stars & Stripes (TPP-MC07) Stars & Stripes TPP-MC07 $30.00 (per 100)
Tiger Stripes (TPP-MC08) Tiger Stripes TPP-MC08 $30.00 (per 100)
Zebra Stripes (TPP-MC20) Zebra Stripes TPP-MC20 $30.00 (per 100)
Foil Design Pen Tubes:
Image Description Item# Info. Price Cart
Stars (TPP-FT02) Stars TPP-FT02

Silver or gold foil. Call for rod color optns. Longer lead time may be needed.

$30.00 (per 100)
Snowflakes (TPP-FT03) Snowflakes TPP-FT03

Silver snowflakes. Call for rod color optns. Longer lead time may be needed.

$30.00 (per 100)
Pre-Printed Pen Tubes:
Image Description Item# Price Cart
Candy Cane Stripes (TPP-21) Candy Cane Stripes TPP-21 $30.00 (per 100)

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