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The Twisted Pen Factory is a complete table top factory designed by a teacher for your students. Pens can be made by your students for fundraisers, awards or business education.

A complete start-up kit is available for only $499 - includes supplies, parts and seven shape molds (heart, star, electric guitar, cat, puppy, treble clef and apple).

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The Twisted Pen Story

I am the CEO of The Bentcil™ Company in Indianapolis with an MS in Education from Indiana State University. The Bentcil™ Company is a new twist in writing instruments. The Bentcil™ name is recognized world wide as a quality manufacturer of theme shaped pens and pencils.

People ask me how I came up with the idea of the bent pen. I point out, I am the sum total of all my experiences. The Twisted Pen Factory™ is developed from the experiences of manufacturing bent pens and pencils for the promotional and retail markets including the largest theme parks worldwide.

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My experience includes teaching industrial arts plastics. The program I developed was most likely the largest general education plastics program in the United States from 1970-1979.

The Twisted Pen Factory offers students the opportunity to explore, organize, manufacture, market and distribute a viable and highly desirable product. The Twisted Pen Factory™ is my gift to the classroom and the entrepreneurial spirit of American Youth.

I am BENT on serving the classroom.


Tom Killion


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