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Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are available for purchase individually. To order parts, please use the table below to find pricing and add to your order.
Description Item# Price Cart
Black Rubber Practice Rod TPR01 $4.00 (Price Each)
Shaping Clamp TPR02 $12.00 (Price Each)
Red Teflon Oven Tube TPR03 $12.00 (Price Each)
Calibration Slide TPR04 $19.00 (Price Each)
Base TPR05 $54.00 (Price Each)
Tube Heating Oven (includes TPR03 and TPR04) TPR06 $225.00 (Price Each)
Lift/Pry Bar TPR07 $2.00 (Price Each)
Cotton Safety Gloves (3 Pairs) TPR08 $8.00 (per 6 Pairs)
Oven Timer TPR09 $8.00 (Price Each)

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