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Twisted Pen Mold Designs

Our Twisted Pen Factory™ Pen Molds include a central shaping form and clamps that make it possible to produce a variety of unique pen shapes on a single factory base. Molds can be purchased as a group at discounted prices, or individually for $29 each. See available groups and pen shapes below.

Pen Molds - Discount Groups:

Mold Discount Groups:
Description Item# Info. Price Cart
Group 1 TPGRP-01

Included in Start-Up Kit. PICK ANY 7 Molds.

Group 2 TPGRP-02

PICK ANY 3 Molds

$69.00 (Price Each)
Group 3 TPGRP-03

PICK ANY 5 Molds

$99.00 (Price Each)
Group 4 TPGRP-04

PICK ANY 10 Molds

$169.00 (Price Each)

Pen Molds - Individual:

  Quantity: 1+
Individual Mold Designs Price Each: $29.00

Individual Mold Designs:

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