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Custom Imprinted Pen Tubes

We can custom print pen tubes to meet your needs! Send us your text, logo or graphics to use and we'll design something just for you! Custom Imprinted Tubes come in 1-color custom imprint on one color rod. For something truly special, add our unique pattern tops available for an additional fee. Please speciffy imprint instructions and rod color below.  (For lower prices and minimum quantities, see our stock imprinted pen tubes.)

  Quantity: 1+
Custom Imprinted Pen Tubes per 300: $297.00
Multi-Color Pen Tubes per 100: $84.00
Pre-Printed Pen Tubes per 100: $84.00

Shown in U.S. Dollars; All invoices payable in USD;

Prices effective through 12/31/2023; Subject to change without notice;

Place Custom Order

NOTE: There is a $48 one-time setup charge for new imprints. If placing a repeat order with the same imprint as a previous order, please select "repeat" when adding to cart and the setup charge will be waived.

For a special touch, use on of our top patterns shown below for an additional location fee. Please reference any graphic numbers below in your imprint instructions.

Image Description Item#
Bamboo (TPP-MC03) Bamboo TPP-MC03
Candy Cane Pattern (TPP-MC26) Candy Cane Pattern TPP-MC26
Candy Cane Stripes (TPP-21) Candy Cane Stripes TPP-21
Checkered Flag (TPP-MC12) Checkered Flag TPP-MC12
Cow Spots (TPP-MC09) Cow Spots TPP-MC09
Dalmatian Spots (TPP-MC05) Dalmatian Spots TPP-MC05
Dart Frog (TPP-MC15) Dart Frog TPP-MC15
Giraffe Spots (TPP-MC13) Giraffe Spots TPP-MC13
Halloween Pattern (TPP-MC25) Halloween Pattern TPP-MC25
Hearts (TPP-MC02) Hearts TPP-MC02
Holly & Stars - Red (TPP-MC21) Holly & Stars - Red TPP-MC21
Holly & Stars - White (TPP-MC16) Holly & Stars - White TPP-MC16
Leopard/Cheetah Spots (TPP-MC19) Leopard/Cheetah Spots TPP-MC19
Mardi Gras Masks (TPP-MC24) Mardi Gras Masks TPP-MC24
Music Symbols (TPP-MC10) Music Symbols TPP-MC10
Paw Prints (TPP-MC14) Paw Prints TPP-MC14
Polka Dots (TPP-MC23) Polka Dots TPP-MC23
Shamrocks (TPP-MC04) Shamrocks TPP-MC04
Snake Skin (TPP-MC22) Snake Skin TPP-MC22
SOLD Signs (TPP-MC18) SOLD Signs TPP-MC18
Stars & Stripes (TPP-MC07) Stars & Stripes TPP-MC07
Tiger Stripes (TPP-MC08) Tiger Stripes TPP-MC08
Zebra Stripes (TPP-MC20) Zebra Stripes TPP-MC20

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