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Pen Tubes

Pen tubes are available in a variety of translucent and opaque colors (see table below). These high quality pen tubes may be purchased in groups of 100. Our pen tubes are also available with multi-color printed tops, foil designs, stock imprints and custom imprints.

Image Description Item# Price Cart
(no image) Assorted Colors TPS01A $25.00 (per 100)
Transparent Hot Pink (TPS01B) Transparent Hot Pink TPS01B $25.00 (per 100)
Transparent Cobalt Blue (TPS01C) Transparent Cobalt Blue TPS01C $25.00 (per 100)
Transparent Brown (TPS01D) Transparent Brown TPS01D $25.00 (per 100)
Transparent Lime (TPS01E) Transparent Lime TPS01E $25.00 (per 100)
Transparent Medium Green (TPS01F) Transparent Medium Green TPS01F $25.00 (per 100)
Clear Yellow (TPS01G) Clear Yellow TPS01G $25.00 (per 100)
Transparent Burnt Orange (TPS01H) Transparent Burnt Orange TPS01H $25.00 (per 100)
Clear Pink (TPS01I) Clear Pink TPS01I $25.00 (per 100)
Transparent Red (TPS01J) Transparent Red TPS01J $25.00 (per 100)
Transparent Gold (TPS01K) Transparent Gold TPS01K $25.00 (per 100)
Transparent Aqua (TPS01L) Transparent Aqua TPS01L $25.00 (per 100)
Transparent Light Blue (TPS01M) Transparent Light Blue TPS01M $25.00 (per 100)
Transparent Dark Green (TPS01N) Transparent Dark Green TPS01N $25.00 (per 100)
Transparent Teal (TPS01O) Transparent Teal TPS01O $25.00 (per 100)
Transparent Purple (TPS01P) Transparent Purple TPS01P $25.00 (per 100)
Opaque Lime (TPS01Q) Opaque Lime TPS01Q $25.00 (per 100)
Opaque Pink (TPS01R) Opaque Pink TPS01R $25.00 (per 100)
Opaque Red (TPS01S) Opaque Red TPS01S $25.00 (per 100)
Opaque Orange (TPS01T) Opaque Orange TPS01T $25.00 (per 100)
Opaque Yellow (TPS01-V) Opaque Yellow TPS01-V $25.00 (per 100)
Opaque White (TPS01-W) Opaque White TPS01-W $25.00 (per 100)
Opaque Black (TPS01-X) Opaque Black TPS01-X $25.00 (per 100)
Opaque Purple (TPS01-Y) Opaque Purple TPS01-Y $25.00 (per 100)

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